Entrepreneur Alliance Review 2017 – Is It Legit?

Hey guys, we’re back at it again with a new review!

This time we are reviewing the Entrepreneur Alliance. This is the course and group that helped me grow my own Digital Marketing Business.

Basically what a Digital Marketing Business is, It’s a business that focuses on doing the Social Media Marketing for local or online businesses and having them pay you a monthly retainer fee of $1000-$5000 a month.

This will show you how to make money online by getting local businesses as clients

So without further or do! Let’s get into it!

Entrepreneur Alliance Review – IntroductionEntrepreneur Alliance Review 2017

Ranking – 10 out of 10
Price – $1 Trial For 7 Days Then $30/Mth $260/Yr
Owners – Austin Distel And Dave Rogenmoser
Website – https://jointhealliance.co/

The Entrepreneur Alliance is an community and course that tries to bring entrepreneurs together.

As they say themselves “The Entrepreneur Alliance is on a mission to fill the world with thriving entrepreneurs.” They want to create school systems for entrepreneurs and expand the network worldwide which is one of their big goals.

It’s also worth noting that the entrepreneurs who created this company or very successful entrepreneurs and have their own Digital Marketing Agency as well so you aren’t learning from newbies.

Austin Distel is also a very transparent guy and puts a ton of effort into this company by doing countless interviews with other entrepreneurs that explain their strategies in the course a well. So you are learning from many successful entrepreneurs as well.

But now let’s break down the course and see what’s on the inside.

Entrepreneur Alliance Review – What Is The Entrepreneur Alliance

Entrepreneur Alliance is an course that teaches a lot of subjects but focuses on building your own Digital Marketing Agency.

On the inside they over 49 videos and training of straight value. And that’s not including 6K Success Programthe 6K Success Consulting Program in which the CEO of Entrepreneur Alliance does his part in. 6K Success is a 37 hour course to help you start, systemize & scale a digital marketing agency. It’s designed as a “business in a box” to teach you everything you need to know about how to get your first $6,000 in retainers within 60 days.

Before the Entrepreneur Alliance, over 400 people paid $997 for this course. When they launched EA, they decided to stop selling 6K Success and add it as a member bonus for getting started.

I’ll list the modules on the inside of entrepreneur alliance, then once you join you can see what’s on the inside of the 6K Success Program!

  • Start Here
  • 6K Success Training ProgramTraining module Entrepreneur Alliance
  • Recently Released Trainings
  • Paid Traffic, Media Strategy And Bots
  • Client Acquisition
  • Funnel Conversion
  • Subscription Businesses
  • Scaling Strategy
  • Info Product/Coaching
  • Finance and Accounting Practices
  • Personal Development
  • Behind The Scenes Of EA

That’s a ton of value and plus the 6K Success Training Program which is a FREE Bonus that is included!

Throughout the modules you will get tons of value and learn probably much more than you have with any other program. It’s so much that they are teaching you it’s amazing.

This is easily worth over $5K in training and their giving to you for $1 and then only $30 a month. That’s easily a steal. By the time you finish you’ll have have more than 1 client haha.



  • Tons of value
  • Very Affordable and Easily Worth Over $5K
  • entrepreneur alliance review 2017 New Released Trainings Every Week
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Inside Look At Campaigns
  • Client Acquisition
  • 6K Success Training Program
  • Info Coaching/Product Training
  • Finance and Accounting Practices


  • Couldn’t find any cons to the program. Maybe Information Overload haha

Entrepreneur Alliance Review – Price

The price is what surprised me the most with how affordable it is compared to other programs and course costs.

You can start off with a $1 7 day trial. Then after there are two plans

  • $30/Mth
  • $260/Yr

They made it really affordable so I can tell they care about the entrepreneurs that do sign up and want to become successful.

Not to mention that you get access to the course that costs $997 the 6K Success Program Bonus for free. You’d be robbing yourself if you didn’t sign up lol.

Entrepreneur Alliance Review – Who Is It For?

The Entrepreneur Alliance is for beginners and experts. I signed up for the course and took the trial just trying to learn about how to start my own Digital Marketing Business and I was shocked at how simple they made it to

6K Success Training Program Inside look


I learned more from this program than anywhere else. Especially the 6K Success Training Program.

It’s also for experts as well and people who have experience in this field. Even a entrepreneur I follow that has his own Digital Marketing Agency JR Rivas has recommended this pro


gram and he makes 10K a month. So if he says it’s legit then i know he must’ve been learning something.

Entrepreneur Alliance Review – Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall the Entrepreneur Alliance is a great program who want to start their own business that is high ticket. They will teach you on the inside how to get in contact with local businesses and have them pay you $1500-$5000 retainers fee for you service.

This is probably the best opportunity out there besides dropshipping and affiliate marketing…

See the problem with dropshipping and affiliate marketing is that it’s mostly low ticket. While some offer recurring commissions it’s still low ticket and you have to make sales everyday and make sure the people under you are succeeding as well. Which isn’t bad but still.

With dropshipping most likely you are going dropshipping low ticket products but if you can dropship high ticket products it can be good as well.

I’d just prefer learning a skill (Marketing) with Facebook Ads or PPC and going out to local businesses and doing their marketing for them for a high retainer fee. Once you get your first client you can easily scale past $10,000 a month with 6 or 7 clients and outsource the rest if there’s to much work.

You can join Entrepreneur Alliance here for $1


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