Dropship Legacy Course Review 3.0! – Scam Or Legit?

Dropship Legacy Course Review 2.0 Version Scam or Legit?

Hey what’s up guys and we’re back at it with another review and today we will be reviewing the new and improved Dropship Legacy 3.0 Course!

The course is NEW and IMPROVED compared to what was already known as a great Dropship Legacy 3.0course to people I recommended it too. This course will show you how to make money online from dropshipping.

J Keitsu already gave us a great product with the Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course. Now it’s time for the 3.0 Course review.

Also I did a video review over the course as well so you can watch it below! Otherwise if you don’t want to watch the video, read if you like since it may be more detailed.

I will do another video on it since this video is more like a walkthrough not really a review so I’ll upload another one soon.

So without further or do, let’s get into it!

Dropship Legacy 3.0 Review – Introduction

Ranking – 10 out of 10!
Price – $297, $1297, $5000
Owners – J Keitsu
Website – https://dropshiplegacy.com/

J Keitsu's Results

When I first heard of J Keitsu, He was just a guys ad that I ran across on YouTube that had did a Facebook Live video that showed him amassing over 2 million dollars in sales. From that point, I had bought the course since I was already interested in Dropshipping but failing.

After taking his course I started having success over my first month and amassed over 6K in sales from Instagram alone!

My Shopify Sales Proof

All the strategies I learned was from this guy J Keitsu. He really taught me how to make money online by dropshipping. Not only that, he actually interacts with you in the private FB group if you @ his name.

So as far as I know he’s pretty cool haha.

I say he’s legit not only because of the results he’s gotten, but also because of the results he’s gotten others! Literally people post their results in the group everyday! But now let’s actually break down this course.

What Is Dropship Legacy 3.0?

Dropship Legacy 3.0 Course Lesson

Dropship Legacy 3.0 is a course for dropshippers who either beginners or experts! There are 10 lessons his course which are all very valuable. He even made 60k his first month using free traffic from Instagram Influencers! (He gave credit to the Huffington post and Shopify for this idea). His courses lessons are listed below. (A Sneak Peak For My Readers)

  • Welcome
  • Embryo Raptor Bootcamp
  • Baby Raptor Bootcamp Dropship Legacy 3.0 Inside look
  • Laser Raptor Bootcamp
  • Customer Service
  • Outsourcing
  • Personal Work Flow
  • Common Issues Encountered
  • Paid Student Only Group

Here are the bonuses. You may have to pay for these.

  • Product Research Scientist Service
  • Product Of The Month Membership
  • Upgrade Your Dropship Legacy Membership
  • Free Additional Training

Throughout these course lessons you will learn a ton of information. Now in the Dropship Legacy 2.0 version he was giving away a ton of information for only $47 which should’ve Dropship Legacy 3.0 Inside lookbeen worth wayyyyyyy more.

This time.. He’s giving away so much information for only $297 it’s almost like a steal. He updated the course with so much more information it’s ridiculous.

He’s even giving away the 6 figure campaigns he has ran! He shows you in deeper detail on how to make sales using Instagram. (AKA FREE TRAFFIC)

Then he shows you how to use messenger bots for customer support when running your Facebook Ad. That is some very advanced things that only top online marketers use and he’s teaching you that. And that includes all the other sorts of new information included within the course.

That’s ALOTTTT OF CONTENT! You are literally getting top notch content.

He shows you exactly what apps and services he uses!

Instagram and Pinterest play a major part of getting free traffic and making sales using influencers.

After that he shows you how and why you should use Facebook Ads to scale you business which brought him from 60k to 2 million in sales!

Overall The course is great and you will learn a lot!



  • Clear Straight Forward Lessons
  • Facebook Group. Public And Private
  • A Ton Of Value Given
  • Inside Look At 6 Figure Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Strategies
  • Instagram Marketing Strategies
  • Messenger Bot Strategies
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • And Much More


  • A little higher price than last time but worth it
  • Can be confusing if you are new to social media.

As you can see overall the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. There’s just to much value that’s been added inside of this course for anyone to say no.

Dropship Legacy 3.0 – Price

When Dropship Legacy first came out with its 1st and 2.0 version it was only $47 which I thought was kinda low priced for a course that good to be so cheap. But now since he has updated it is well worth $297.

No other dropshipping course I know is teaching this much stuff. I know for a fact, that most people are teaching the benefits of using messenger bots for you customer service while running Facebook Ads. Or giving you inside looks at 6 figure campaigns.

Also what I like about it is that he’s not overpricing things. For example, I know a few Dropship “Gurus” that when they update their course it will automatically go up to $997.

But anyways lol there’s three prices for the Dropship Legacy course

Dreamer – All You Need Package – $297
Best For Holiday Season – All The Way Up Package -$1297
Ready To Go To The Danger Zone – Danger Zone Package -$5000

I also want to mention that with all these packages you get Life Time Access Plus Updates which holds true since I had the first version and never had to pay for an update.

You also get a 30 day money back guarantee with the All You Need Package.

With the other two packages you don’t…

They are going to make sure you become successful by not giving you a money back guarantee which is something I understand. People always want to dip their toes in something but never go all in.

Commitment is everything.

Dropship Legacy 3.0 – Who is Dropship Legacy 3.0 For?

Dropship legacy 3.0 is for beginners and experts. It is simple enough for people understand in how you can get started today, and ranges all the way to expert high level marketing techniques and strategies as well.

For example, most people dropship using Facebook ads only, but if they signed up for this course and learned about using Instagram Influencers and Pinterest for back linking their current business would skyrocket!

It’s for beginners who have started but never found success or people who has never even heard of dropshipping.

Dropshipping is for anyone and everyone. Hell even little kids are starting to dropship.

While this course only provides dropshipping lessons, it does offer other additonal resources and ideas that you can expand on to make money online.

Dropship Legacy 3.0 – Final Opinion/Verdict

I think the Dropship Legacy 3.0 Version will help more people become successful than the 2.0 version of the course did.

The course is great and is step by step for what you need to do to edit your store and optimise it, setting it up for free plus shipping if you want to do that and a variety of other things.

I think the thing I like most about it is that J Keitsu really wants to help people succeed and tells people from the get go that he wants you to minimize risk and to try and find Instagram influencers. Now while Facebook Ads is cheap, some people may get results, some will not, but the reason he says to start off with free traffic is to build your facebook intelligence pixel.

This is the pixel used to track and retarget passionate customers to your store.

Now don’t get me wrong you can start off with Facebook Ads. The reason I think people do this is because they don’t want to put in all the time of finding Instagram influencers in their niche.

Overall Dropship Legacy is a 10 out of 10 and I DEFINITELY recommend it for anyone wanting to dropship.

This course is legit and will show you how to make money online.

You can find out more below by visiting the links below. Also if you sign up for Dropship Legacy I actually give away a short Ebook on how to make sales and what to say to Instagram Influencers to get them to work with you.

Click here to enroll in the course – http://learn.dropshiplegacy.com/
Click here to start your Shopify 14 day trial – Shopify 14 Day Trial
Along with that I’d recommend DotCom Secrets to help scale your business fast!

Chris What Would You Recommend?

While dropshipping is good I recommend something that is more high ticket and pays monthly instead of one time. Don’t get me wrong while dropshipping can make you money, the problem is that you have to continue making sales constantly to keep your income. I rather have something recurring paying me every month.

In my main business I do Facebook Ads marketing for local businesses which pay me $1,500-$5,000 a month.

All I do is do their marketing for them, get them results and then they pay me for my service. All you have to do is learn Facebook Ads and become an SUPER EXPERT (Like me hahaha(: ) But once you learn FB Ads you can sell your services to local businesses who don’t know what their doing for high ticket prices.

And I got started without any credentials, without any trials, without any proposals. You can do this too. In fact, I’ll tell share with you the secret course I learned from…

Inside this course you will learn marketing and learn how to get high paying clients to pay you $1,500-$5000 a month. In fact, they’ll even teach you how to outsource FB Ads to someone else if you don’t know Ads yet. You can get started for just $1…

Within 2 weeks you can have your first client ready to empty their wallet for you.

This is my #1 business opportunity recommendation since you are getting paid high ticket prices which are monthly as well. Imagine having 6 clients and you outsourcing it to someone else if you can’t manage all of them… That’s easily over $10,000 a month. which is $120,000 a year.

It’s only $1 to get started.

Simply Click Here If You Want To Get Started.

As usual I hope you enjoyed my review and have a great day!


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