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Hey guys, what’s going on!?

Today we are going to be going over Lurn Insider. I’ve personally went through Lurn Insider and one of the top programs that I recommend when it comes to starting an online business.

If you are here to see if you can make money online with this program then you have come to the right place. This program is going to teach you everything you need to get started.

This is one of the places I’ve learned from when I started doing paid traffic to one of my businesses. So without further or do, let’s get into it!

Lurn Insider Review – Introduction

Ranking – 9 out of 10
Price – $5 Donation or $1 16 hour training included. After 21 Days $67 a monthLurn Insider Review
Owner – Anik SIngal
Website – – For $1 16 hour training Featuring Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor and more – click here –

Lurn Insider is going to give 3 courses that’s going to help you change your life and build a passive online business.

But first off who is Anik Singal?

lurn-insider-anik-singalAnik Singal, the driving force behind Lurn Insider, is well known for generating over $10 million, but lost everything and became over $1.7 million in debt during the financial meltdown in 2007 & 2008.

In a short span of 16 to 18 months, he went against all odds and managed to pay off all his debts, and built his company back to $10 million a year.

How did he do it?

That’s exactly what he is going to teach you in Lurn Insider.

Lurn Insider Review – What Is Lurn Insider?

Lurn Insider Course

Lurn Insider is a 3 part course that’s going to teach you 3 things.

Course 1 is going to be Power Startup. Course 2 is going to be The Scaling Mind which is getting the right mindset for entrepreneurship. Finally, the 3rd course is going to be Profit Labs which is actually getting into the strategies.

This is the entrepreneurs toolkit. The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a 21-Day entrepreneurship training course designed to COMPLETELY transform the mind & business, that’s delivered to your inbox over the course of 21 days…

There’s so much value and content inside and a ton of it is video presentations. Anik Singal presents the video and teaches you on the inside multiple skills. Another person also comes on and teaches as well but I forgot his name.

lurn insider course review

But look at how much content you get! (To the right)

You get all of this and more! You get access to PDF files for Facebook Ads, Copywriting, Email Marketing, and SEO etc!

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit isn’t just a bunch of tactics and tips I packed together with no rhyme or reason. It’s a total transformative experience that shows you what to do, how to do it, AND the frame of mind you need to have to be successful:

  • The SAME SYSTEM he use to build and grow all my businesses
  • The SAME SYSTEM he use to make sure MY MIND is focused on success
  • The SAME SYSTEM that’s worked, like clockwork (for years)
  • The SAME SYSTEM that’s so surprisingly simple, anyone with the internet can use it
  • The SAME SYSTEM that he used to build 5 companies that generate revenue on autopilot!

Find Out More About Lurn Insider Here!

Lurn Insider Review – Pros/Cons


  • Step by Step
  • Video Presentations
  • Builds Your Mindset
  • Shows you the exact system Anik Singal uses
  • Skills Mastery
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • No real cons


The price to get started with Lurn Insider is a $5 donation to Africa. There is also the other method where there’s a different offer where you can pay just $1 to get 16 hours worth of training and top entrepreneurs featured such as Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor and even the CEO of Clickbank!

After the 21 days of training the price is $67 dollars a month.

Lurn Insider Review – Who is Lurn Insider For?

Lurn Insider is for intermediate entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have experience but brand new people who want to make money online can join this program as well and learn a lot of things in a few days!

The hardest thing for new entrepreneurs is getting traffic, but since this course actually teaches you how to get traffic, I would say a brand new entrepreneur can learn alot from this. Plus it’s only $1 and $5 lol.

Lurn Insider Review – Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall Lurn Insider is a great product for new entrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs online. Since it gives the exact system Anik Singal uses there’s no reason NOT to be in this program.

Now if you can’t invest $1 or $5 into yourself to learn and become a true entrepreneur and get top notch training, you might as well leave this website and don’t look anywhere to make money online.


You’re getting so much information, it’s literally a steal.

But Like I said this is a great program because it teaches you exact system you need to do to start making money online.

If you want to just get started for the $5 donation then just click here –

If you want Lurn Insider with the 16 hour training and top entrepreneurs being featured as well for $1 click here –

I teach the system as well in my YouTube Video Below.


Chris What Would You Recommend?

While dropshipping is good I recommend something that is more high ticket and pays monthly instead of one time. Don’t get me wrong while dropshipping can make you money, the problem is that you have to continue making sales constantly to keep your income. I rather have something recurring paying me every month.

In my main business I do Facebook Ads marketing for local businesses which pay me $1,500-$5,000 a month.

All I do is do their marketing for them, get them results and then they pay me for my service. All you have to do is learn Facebook Ads and become an SUPER EXPERT (Like me hahaha(: ) But once you learn FB Ads you can sell your services to local businesses who don’t know what their doing for high ticket prices.

And I got started without any credentials, without any trials, without any proposals. You can do this too. In fact, I’ll tell share with you the secret course I learned from…

Inside this course you will learn marketing and learn how to get high paying clients to pay you $1,500-$5000 a month. In fact, they’ll even teach you how to outsource FB Ads to someone else if you don’t know Ads yet. You can get started for just $1…

Within 2 weeks you can have your first client ready to empty their wallet for you.

This is my #1 business opportunity recommendation since you are getting paid high ticket prices which are monthly as well. Imagine having 6 clients and you outsourcing it to someone else if you can’t manage all of them… That’s easily over $10,000 a month. which is $120,000 a year.

It’s only $1 to get started.

Simply Click Here If You Want To Get Started.

As usual I hope you enjoyed my review and have a great day!


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