Viddictive Review – Best Review – Video Ads For Lead Generation

Viddictive Review – Video Ads For Lead Generation

Hey guys, we’re back with another review and today we are going to be reviewing Viddictive!

Viddictive is basically is a 100% video software that will be used to be create promotional Facebook videos. It provides a massive collection of video templates.

That’s a brief description so without further or do, let’s get into it!

Viddictive Introduction – What Is Viddictive?

Ranking – 8 out of 10
Price – $49
Owners – Mario Brown
Website –

Viddictive is a software built to help people create high converting promotional Facebook videos! This is designed to get you more leads, more traffic, more sales w

100% customizable video templates & video ads in just 3 clicks,

You don’t need any prior experience or tech skills, you don’t need to hire Expensive Video companies or freelancers, or waste your time on outdated video tools.

Features of Viddictive

Now VIddictive allows you to attract customers into your business in a more profound way and gives you an advantage over competition.

  • It has many ready made video templates which are professionally designed by professional video marketers for you. All the templates are proven to convert and get you leads and sales. There is also a wide variety of themes you can choose from. You can choose themes between ecommerce, affiliate marketing, real estate, services, local businesses, or fashion and style.
  • Fully customizable templates. As soon as you choose a template you can edit it and customize it to its fullest.
  • With Viddictive you can integrate Facebook. Every single video you create will automatically shared on your Facebook account. Viddictive is also Facebook’s partner.
  • Apply the drag and drop to put photos in a video editing software.
  • Provides a automated platform.

Above is just a demo over the product.

How does it work?

Viddictive works in three simple steps.

  1. Select one of the templates, then customize
  2. Insert a background music
  3. Save and download the video, then upload it directly to Facebook.



  • Can apply to multiple niches
  • Provides a commercial license
  • Tutorial videos are provided to help you with this platform?


  • I haven’t seen anything wrong with this platform.

Who is this for?

Viddictive is perfect if you want to change up your marketing strategies. Let’s face it, if you aren’t doing video marketing then you are going to get left behind!

Point. Blank. Period.

So I recommend this for anyone who wants to do marketing whether if it’s for Shopify, or entrepreneurs or any type of business owner.

Video content marketing is becoming the best way to interact with your audience.


The price of this software is only $49 but there is upsells.

If you have little experience with building your marketing videos then I’d recommend you buy this product since they have step by step training on how to use their product.

By using this platform you’ll be able experience top notch videos with great quality!

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall I think Viddictive is a great product and will help many people who use this product get leads and sales for their business.

When you order Viddictive you’re covered by a 30 day money back guarantee! So play with it learn from it and use it to build your business. You don’t only have to use this platform for Facebook, you can save and download it to upload it to your blog or YouTube channel.

Hopefully you liked my review, have a great day! Please comment if you have any questions.






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