Pip Wizards Pro Review – Is Pip Wizards Pro Legit?

Pip Wizards

Lately many people have been talking about Forex and how it could make you so much money.

While I’m not skeptical at all, because I have many people on my Facebook making millions of dollars from trading on Forex, we don’t actually know which program they even use.

Or if they use any for that case!

Now while people have actually told me about this program and software, I actually decided to take a look for myself.

Most of the crucial stuff about it that you may be burning inside to want to know, and see if really favors you, are all here in this pips wizard pro review. So if you really want to understand it, I would ask you just to set aside a few minutes and get to have a whole read of this.

So let’s get into it!


Ranking – 6.5 out of 10
Price – $87
Owners – Karl Diitman
Website – http://www.pipswizardpro.net

Like I said earlier Forex has become quite popular recently. Not that it hasn’t existed before, but it wasn’t as trusted and thought of to be as effective as it is today.

Now they’re countless programs being put together promising you results in Forex Trading.

And you will find countless new systems on it promising you what you would wish to get to have it work great for you in that particular system.

So, since you want to make money online easy and quick, you will take this program like your life-saving system that had been sent from heaven to come to your rescue. So you won’t even think twice about it, but just pull out your credit card and invest into it.

Now let’s actually review Pip Wizards Pro.


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What is Pip Wizards Pro?

This is a software that helps you get real time signals of the forex market that will help you save time and effort you spend trying to get the best deals you can make predictions on.

It gives you the signals of either the right time to buy or sell you currency without having to spend hours waiting for that perfect time. It works on virtually any category where you need these great and accurate signals to make great gains.

This system also includes bonds, stocks, commodities like gold, oil, silver and natural gas, and all currencies. It also claims that it can give you completely accurate insights that give you the lowest possible of changes of ever making a loss if any.

Trust me you want a system that can guarantee this!

The owner of this program and software is Karl Dittman. There isn’t much information about him online but he has been in the Forex industry for years.

So a system like this is better than all the self proclaimed gurus out there trying to make a quick buck on you.

How Does Pip Wizard Work?

Pip Wizard Pro is designed to deliver to you the best times to  make investments into the Forex market by getting your the best currency pairs right to your email.

But you must first understand how the system works.

Open a Forex Pair Or Stock

First you must choose a Forex pair or stock you want to place your money on. The good news is that you are not limited to any pair, you get to choose which one interests you the most.

But first you have to pay for the software, then get the download link to help you download the software to your computer to get it to start working.

Right after downloading it, you will have to make up you mind daytime on the kind of pairs you would want to deal with. You can also deal with only commodities if you want.

Choose Your Best Time Frame

You get five timeframes to use in the system. And these are M15, M30, 4H, 1H, or even D1. So all are at your disposal. But you need to note that getting the right timeframe matters a lot.

I suggest that you get the perfect timeframe in the category you are working with so that you give the algorithms of this program an easy time trying to figure out what works best for you, and even more quick when trying to get you the best signals to trade on. So have you to be super careful and accurate with this.

Wait For The Trading Signals

After the system has been set up you can watch it go to work for you (:

With the system always on watch, it will get the best buy or sell signals better then get to have them delivered straight to your inbox. The signals come color coded with the blue ones meant to show your need to buy while the orange ones are indicating it’s time to sell, to help you buy or to sell when the trends go either high or low.

The email notifications pop up on your screen as alerts that will help you get knowledge of this soon enough to profit from it. And more to that, both the stop loss and exit points are going to be printed in the window with the alert.

Take Action!

Pip Wizards

Once you have the signals, you ought to jump into action and make the required predictions to make money. And the sooner you do it, the better the chances you have of winning. That is why you even see the owner going a step ahead to get instant email pop-ups for you.

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Who is it for?

While the owner does mention the system is easy to use and even state that a 12 year old can use it, I do think that it does require basic knowledge on the subject.

The program does not really have specific training on how to learn Forex so it expects you to know what to do already! So this program will favor people who has prior knowledge and experience with Forex Trading.

If you are looking into learning Forex and you are a complete beginner, then I highly recommend you look for a beginner type of program to learn the basics and to discover if you really like it or not.

This isn’t a trading system. This is an indicator that makes it easier to predict trends, and when to buy and sell.

If you are in this niche, then you are not going to get the benefits you look forward to if

  • Don’t take immediate action
  • Want a full automated system

You actually have to take action. So don’t expect the system to do everything for you.

Things Included In The Program

  • Step by Step User Guide
  • Secret Testing Algorithm
  • Pip Wizards Pro Indicator
  • Built In Special Features
  • Live Action Training
  • Life Time Email Support

Pros and Cons

  • Immediate Access To The System After Purchase
  • You get high rates of success. With the average rates going up to 85%.
  • You don’t have to sit in front of the computer the entire day.
  • Pop Up Alerts
  • Great Support
  • You can get up to 200 Pips a day!


  • Must Have Great Internet Connection

Final Verdict/Opinion

I believe Pip Wizard Pro is legit. The owner has provided a software that is much better than most competitors and has multiple features that most don’t have.

His support system is also known for having a quick reply to all questions as well.

The price is a little pricey, but if you are looking for system like this and already have knowledge in the Forex Industry, then you can take a chance on this product.

This product should have a 60 Day Back Guarantee. So you’ll have 60 days to test out the system and to see if it’s for you.

Chris, What Would You Recommend?

While I have seen many people who make millions from Forex on my Facebook, I wouldn’t recommend it for 3 reasons.

  • You have to on alert when the system tells you to buy or sell
  • Take utmost immediate action every time
  • If you don’t take immediate action then you will not make money

I recommend a more lucrative business that allows you to set it up and be ready to make sales almost immediately.

And that’s why I recommend Shopify.

With Shopify you are able to create a lucrative business online in seconds with as many products you want to list on your store.

It provides hosting, ecom platform, integration, an apps store and much more!

Dropshipping is by far the easiest way to make money online today.

If you need a course you can get by far the best course here.

Now if you aren’t looking to learn dropshipping but are looking for a great affiliate program, then I recommend Online Sales Pro.

Online Sales Pro Is an lead generation software that you can be an affiliate for or use for any business you desire.

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See You Next Time, And Have A Great Day!

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