Infinii Review – Can It Work For You?


Hey everyone, welcome to my review of Infinii(:

I joined this company awhile back to see what it was all about and if it could really help people make money online.

In this review, I’m going to show you the products offered, compensation plan so you make the right decision whether to join or not.

So lets get started!

Infinii Review – Introduction

infinii 1

Ranking – 5 out of 10
Price – Prime(49.95) Surge(149.95) Excel(399.95)
Owners – Hitest Juneja, Kevin Hokoana, Jason Rose
Website –

The owners have ran two successful businesses so they know what they are doing haha. In fact, I did a review over. It was called DS Domination

DS Domination showed you how to make money on Ebay by dropshipping products from various suppliers.

It’s going to teach you ebay dropshipping and Amazon dropshipping.

With Infinii they’re making it even easier to dropship to Ebay with better tools and opportunities then before.

Infinii Reviews – The Products

Infinii has three joining levels with products and services you can use to make money from dropshipping on ebay.

Prime (49.95)

Learning how to dropship on Ebay

This includes step by step training

Drop shipping just means we list items from a supplier site onto eBay for a profit.

So once the item sells on eBay for that profit, you head over to that supplier site place the order and send it to your customer direct.

Using this method you never touch the products…

Almost like magically making money all day(:

Some things they have in this product are.

  • Dropshipping step by step
  • ebay listing tool
  • Bonanza Training (another place like ebay)
  • Shopping Party Training (An app that will tell you how profitable a store item will sell on AmazonThat just means Amazon will hold your inventory, ship items for you, handle returns and provide customer service on your behalf.All you do is send in more.This is all explained step by step.

Dropship Legacy Course

Surge (145.95 per month)

This product has everything from the Prime Product.

You will have a automation and analytic platforms to help you figure out which products are the top sellers during different times of the year.

It will also give you suggestions on what items to take down off of your ebay account.

So this will definitely help the grow of your business.

Excel (395.95 per month)

This membership includes everything from Prime and Surge.

With this you get

  • Amazon FBA Training

Step by step how to source products from wholesalers. Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon.

This means you send in the products to Amazon and they take care of everything for you.

Amazon drop shipping training where you will get access to the Infinii marketplace to buy items from.

When you are sending your items to your customer, it will look like it’s coming from you with your information.

The marketplace will access to individual items you can drop ship.

You will also get special software that reprice your items so you get the buy box.

Also there is will be a inventory management tool if you are drop shipping to make sure there are no price changes or out of stock items.

Infinii – Springboard

This is service designed to kickstart your ecommerce business.

The big money is you selling on these difference eCommerce platforms….

INFINii will send in the products for you with their Amazon account for a small fee of 35 cents per unit.

You can also sell these exclusive products in your own Amazon account…

Infinii – Compensation Plan

They have a great compensation plan that pays %75 commissions!

Infinii Final Opinion/Verdict

The company honestly has great products, trainings, and product coop that can make a lot of money.

This is proven business model and you can make some money from it, but do I recommend it.

Well no, because if you they are teaching you to dropship from suppliers such as Walmart to Amazon, most likely you will be dealing with low profit margins.

Another thing is that if you are doing this and everyone is using the same software to source products, most likely, you’re going to have tons of competition.

And finally, they don’t teach you how to scale your business using their customers emails to keep them buying left and right!

So while it is a good business opportunity, I personally don’t recommend it but you can join if you like!

Well Chris, What Would You Recommend?

While I recommend the dropshipping business model, I do not recommend dropshipping this way.


Because of wayyyyyyy smaller profit margins.

This is why recommend dropshipping using Shopify   

With Shopify you get to create your own online store selling products that you like.

dropshipping results

They’re thousands of people making hundreds to 6 figure incomes from dropshipping, some even 7 figures!

That’s why I recommend Shopify since it is the easiest way to make money online to me.

These are the results of people who asked me to help them!

But if you are interested very interested in Shopify you can check out my Shopify Review Here.

But if you are going to do Shopify you are definitely going to need a course to learn how to drive traffic.

That’s where Dropship Legacy comes in.

You can read my Dropship Legacy Review here.

But if you already have a Shopify store you can sign up for the Dropship Legacy Course Here

As always have a great day! If you have any comments please comment below!


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