Traffic Titan Scam? $107 in 24 hours…?

So recently I’ve been hearing a lot about Traffic Titan which has been claiming to make $107 in less than 24 hours with %100 free traffic and zero experience. People have emailed me, “Is this really possible?” So I decided to review the company and look it up.

So let’s get into it!

Traffic Titan Review – My Honest Opinion


Ranking – 5 out of 10
Price – $49 can be discounted for $9
Owner – Aidan Corkery and Art Flair
Website –

Everyone knows that making $100 in 24 hours isn’t really possible without a established business or brand of some sort. I’m not saying it’s not possible either but a beginner with no online experience will have a very difficult time making $100 online in general.

Without a decent amount of online experience it will simply be hard to make money online, especially over $100 in one day.


What is Traffic Titan?

What is traffic titan about? Well if anyone has noticed, Traffic Titan seems to have a similar review to Easy Profits Secrets.

Basically Traffic Titan is about two things

  • Building your email list to promote “make money online” type of products. Majority of people are actually cross promoting their “friends” over and over lol. So if emailing out crappy products to people you don’t know or haven’t signed up to your email list is unattractive then Traffic Titan may not be for you.
  • Building a squeeze page to capture email addresses so you can promote the make money online products.
  • On your squeeze page you will offer free logos or videos branding for everyone who enters their email address. (You have to create these)
  • Mostly paid traffic and free Facebook traffic to send to your logo and video give away page.

Who is Traffic Titan For?

Traffic Titan is best for experienced online marketers already in the make money online niche. You will have to deal with paid traffic if free traffic doesn’t work for you which can bother a lot of people. People who work full time will have struggle because they won’t have time to put in the effort of using free and paid traffic.

Also if you one was to get people to sign up under their email lists, they would then have to create free logos and videos for each subscriber. If you get hundreds of people to your list then it will take up loads of time… Yeah no thanks .

There’s also the issue of you having to do all the work. What’s even worse you don’t even know if the people on your list will even buy your products. Now I truly believe that building a email list is very important, but starting out with a email list like that is not smart at all.

Traffic Titan is not good for people who have a limited amount of money.


Traffic Titan is $49 but there are discounts where it’s only $9

Is Traffic Titan A Scam?

While Traffic Titan isn’t really as scam since it does teach you how you can make money online by building brand logos and videos, its not very practical.

They have a decent short course, but it is far from being the best product in the world. Many people will not like creating logos and videos over and over again. It will feel like you are working for your email list.

Nobody wants to promote make money online products just for them to make a quick buck.

It’s legit, however it requires hours of work and money to get people on your list.

Well that’s about it for review over Traffic Titan.

Seemed a lot shorter than usual reviews haha.

But if you want to grow a real business you have to find a legit system and stick with it. Using systems like this will only question your credibility and you won’t really be able to scale up.

Chris What Would You Recommend?

I would recommend a legit a business opportunity. Something that teaches you everything you need to know about building a business online.

A business that teaches

  • Building a websiteonlinsalespro
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Getting Traffic and PPC
  • Most Importantly, Email List building

All those I listed above is enough to build a profitable online business…

If you really want to build a profitable business and learn the steps needed then

Click here –  Online Sales Pro – My Review

If you have already read my review then Join Here

But Wait Chris, What If I Already Have A Business?

If you already have business and simply want to scale it up and build your business.

I recommend system above for that as well!

It basically automates your business.

It gives you custom landing pages to build your email list, a inside integrate email list plugin, social media training, and much more.

It’s basically a Lead Generation system..

This will change your business in amazing ways and help you scale up very quickly as I personally use this system in my own business.

If you truly want to build your business then click the link below

I want to scale my business up!

That’s everything guys! I hope you all have a great day!


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