Characteristics Entrepreneurs Must Have

Things Needed To Be An Entrepreneur

Many people want to build their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs but don’t have the proper mindset to succeed. While it’s easier today to start a business than it ever has been, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Mindset is one of the first things that people must understand in order for one to succeed in the online world.

There are 5 core elements I believe one must have to be successful in business online.

1. 100% Belief In Yourself

Belief in yourself is one of the most vital factors because without belief you are guaranteed to give up. I use to struggle with this personally. I would say I believe I can build a business online, but I didn’t believe 100%. That’s why I struggled for sometime online haha. Now I’m doing pretty good online!

I am steadily focusing on improving on myself to become more successful everyday. One thing that worked for me in building up my confidence is listening to motivational videos from YouTube while building my business. Motivational videos and audio tapes help A LOT! Every time I listened to Tony Robbins or Eric Thomas talk I felt inspired and passionate like my soul was about to fly through the roof!

This really helps when you don’t have people around you that believe in you which was my case but today it has helped me tremendously.

So 100% Belief in yourself is one of the most important aspects of being successful online.

2. Speed Of Implementation


If you learned something new that can help you grow your business you should immediately implement it. If you take forever to implement a certain strategy or anything, then you will take longer to become successful. Simple.

Stop getting excited about a new strategy you learned and then procrastinate on it. It’s not going to help you grow, its not going to help you succeed, and that alone is going to disappoint you. You HAVE to increase your speed of implementation.

For example, if you are in network marketing, a simple strategy is to add people who are also network marketers on Facebook. Why? Because you can surround yourself with like minded people and if someone becomes interested in your opportunity it will be easier to close than someone who has never done network marketing before. Now if you take forever to do this you will struggle.

Let’s say you add 10 people as a friend a week and I add 10 people a day.

While you have only added 10 people I have added 70 people and communicated with them and built out my friend’s list which then become potential leads.

Speed of Implementation is the key but it also has to be consistent.

3. Take Massive Action

This may be the most important tip on the this list. You need to take massive action. Instead overanalyzing everything take massive action and learn along the way and make changes.

I cannot emphasize this enough lol.

So many people want to get started and want to succeed but they never start. They never go all in. You have to put in the work to get the results you desire. There are three simple steps to achieving anything you want

  1. Clearly decide what you are truly committed to achieving.
  2. You are willing to take massive action.
  3. You notice what’s working and whats not working and
  4. You Continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want.

This was quoted by Tony Robbins and I use this simple method to this day after learning this from him.

Taking massive action is what separates the wantrepreneurs from the entrepreneurs lol.

Put in the work and you are sure to receive results.

4. Dream Big

Many Entrepreneurs forget to dream big once they start their own business. They seem to lose confidence for some reason but remember the reason you wanted to become a entrepreneur in the first place.

Remember your WHY.

Your WHY is everything and may the only thing you need to keep you motivated.

Personally my WHY is to live a life of financial freedom. To be free to do whatever I want whenever I want however I want. Another reason is.. I don’t like taking orders lol.

It may not be much to some people, but I knew I didn’t want to be bound to a 9-5 job. That’s why I took action. Now I’m constantly being as productive as possible to produce multiple income streams and build something bigger than myself.

If you don’t have a why I suggest you find one. Having a why will keep on your path and motivated to push and work harder. Without this, you will constantly have to look for things to keep you motivated.

5. Find Some Mentors

You need to find some mentors. People often wonder “How can I find a mentor?” or “Where do I find a mentor?” The reality is that you can find a mentor anywhere! If you are in a certain industry you can search upRussel Brunson
leaders in the industry and try to message them.

But mentors aren’t just people.

You can learn from others in the form of books. Books give so much knowledge it is invaluable not to read. People such as Tony Robbins or Russell Brunson share their life stories and how they became successful. You can learn so much from their stories such as strategies, business advice, and habits that can help you become successful as well.

I’m actually reading Russell Brunson’s new book DOTCOM SECRETS. It has so much information that I would’ve never have thought about to build my business. Information from landing pages to how to give value to customers and so muchnotes more I would’ve never thought about.

Take notes and then implement the strategies into your own personal business.



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