What Is Keyword Research and How It Is Important

Many people often wonder “Is keyword research important?”

The answer to that question is yes!

Keywords are like a theme for your content and it also sorts out your content in what is to be talked about.

The major factor about keywords are that they help you rank in google, bing, and yahoo rankings.

The more targeted the keyword,the better rankings you will get!

Now think about it.

If you have a website, but start to produce valuable content and use very targeted keywords you can actually rank in google very quickly.

The more content you create and the amount of targeted keywords you target can be the difference in your website being found or being lost in google or any other search engines.

You get where I’m going with this?(:

Keywords can play a major part in how you rank in google and how people find your site.

But the thing about keywords is that you have to do keyword research.

Now there are many platforms out there but I am going to give you two strategies that I use to do my own keyword research.

Tip #1 – Use Google!

Seriously guys, use google.

When I say this I mean do what you do everyday! You go into google and search for what you want right and click on the first thing that relates to what you are looking for.

Well you kinda want to reverse engineer that.

Instead look for what other people are searching for.

For example, if people are looking for how to get abs fast they may type “How to get abs fast” or “How to get abs in a month” into the search engine. You then target those keywords by putting them in your title or posts!

Simple right!? This works because google regularly updates to what people are searching for and typing in the search engine, and predicts what we are looking for.

I use this all the time!

Tip #2 – Jaaxy.com

I also use this keyword research tool.

It’s by far my favorite keyword research tool to use.


Because once you type in a keyword you get access to a variety of information such as how many times that keyword is being searched a daily or monthly. How many other websites are trying to rank using that keyword and much more!

Another reason I like it because it gives you free 25 searches for you to start off which is good since I do not see that elsewhere.

You can find more about it here on my other page

Click Here To Find Out More About Jaaxy.com

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