Affilorama Review 2017 – Scam Or Not?

Affilorama Review 2017 – Scam Or Not, My Take

Welcome to my Affilorama review.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Affilorama and I’ve decided to create a review on it.

I’ve also see a lot of Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate reviews but I am not going to talk about that today. I am simply going to talk about Affilorama. If you would like to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review you can click the link below

Wealthy Affiliate Review

People have been comparing it to multiple programs and it seems to get alot of attention which is very interesting(:

If you have heard of it and thinking of taking a chance on it, please read this review!

Ladies and Gentleman,

Let’s get into this review shall we(:


Overall Ranking – 7 out of 10 – LEGIT
Price – $0 Basic Membership, $1 thirty day Premium Membership trial, $67 monthly, $497 for three years
Owners – Mark Ling
Website –

Affilorama was founded by successful affiliate marketer and product owner Mark Ling and Simon Slade. Mark Ling having been successful for almost a decade, created Affilorama’s step by step video training methods helping thousands of people online.

Affilorama now has grown a community and their membership to over 300,000 people online and continue to grow everyday.

Today, they offer free training on affiliate marketing as well and paid programs to help thousands of people around the world be successful and grow their business.

Interesting right?

They go on to mention that they want to help aspiring affiliates to overcome the barriers so they can be successful, mentioning that the provide straight forward training and to simplify the technical aspects of building a succesful business.

So far so good. They seem to be very helpful in their approach.


  • You can join for free!
  • Free Membership gives you a variety of training (hours of instructional valuable training)
  • If you upgrade to premium you get a $1 30 day trial periodAffilorama Review
  • Teaches you how to make money through affiliate training (Straight Forward)
  • Basic Premium membership is affordable
  • Lots of support and feedback!
  • Paid membership gives you aspects to a bunch of tools, hosting, website builder, and everything needed to start building your business


  • Some methods are outdated such as backlinking etc.
  • Mark Ling cannot answer all your questions so you’ll get answers from support.
  • Kinda confusing trying to figure out your membership level since there are upsells

Who is Affilorama For?

Affilorama is for anyone who wants to build their business without wanting to have a product to sell first. For example, instead of creating a product to sell, you can instead sell an existing product and make an commission off of it.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest businesses to get started with because of that advantage.

You are basically the middleman.

Affilorama offers a variety of training in their free membership (20 hours of video training) and written material.

You also get access to interviews with top affiliate marketers which can cut your learning curve. In the freplanse membership, if you are brand new, you definitely will learn something.

It will be teaching you the basics such as PPC and SEO etc.

Affilorama makes it easy to learn with its straight forward training!

You can see the differences in what you get between the free membership and premium membership.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of value to me.

So if you are serious about affiliate marketing and want to scale and build a business online, then I suggest going all in on the premium membership.

After all you get a $1 30 day trial.


The Affiloblueprint is basically a collection of training and videos that Mark Ling used to build his business. It’s $197 to buy the blueprint but.blueprint

The thing about this is that you actually get that free if you do the $1 trial…

You are better off just doing the $1 trial and seeing if they offer it which I believe they still do.

Basically this blueprint is for the people who don’t want join the premium membership but like the valuable information that they give.

Once again you do not have to buy this, use the free trial and or if you don’t want to upgrade but want to learn this go ahead haha.



This product is for the people who are busy and won’t be able to take advantage of all the training of videos, interviews etc.

This is basically where they do 80% of the work and you only put in 20% of your time.

I realize that many people will prefer this but in my opinion it will make people rely on others without putting in any real work. Such as not watching the videos when they do have free time.


This is for the people who are constantly busy working which I understand.

It’s kinda costly as it amounts up to $497 you then have to buy your own domain name and autoresponder also which is very valuable as well.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Affilorama is Legit.

It is not some scam.

This program is designed to help you make money online and teaches you multiple aspects to growing your affiliate marketing business!

If you do decide to join this program, I hope you take full advantage of the opportunity they provide. We are moving in a direction where everything can be found online.

That means if you build you business online you can be found and have multiple people buying from you, giving you a life of freedom.

Also it has a free membership.. Come on now haha.

And a $1 trial for 30 days on its premium membership. Please take advantage of it lol.

If you want to sign up you can simply click the link below.

Also if you have any comments please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts(:

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