Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Take

Wealthy Affiliate wealthy affiliate

Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10 – Legit

Price: $0 Starter Membership/ $49 Per Month/$359 Per Year      
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.Wealthyaffiliate.com

What Is Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community with over 100,000 members and a training center. It trains entrepreneurs in digital marketing and does much more then that. It has a great, supportive community that is willing to help newbies and experts.

It was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson,

Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most reputable and highest-rated resources to teach you the ropes of digital marketing and online business.



  • Clear Plan of Action
  • All levels of training
  •  Beginner and Advanced
  • Video training, Step-by-step Tutorials and Coursesaffiliate
  • 10,000′s of community members
  • Interactive Classrooms with tasks to complete
  • Live & Interactive Help from owners and expert members
  • 2 Free Easy-to-Build Websites (They train you on what to do with these cites)
  • State of the Art Hosting
  • A no spam environment.
  • No up-sells, ever. (except Premium)


  • Sometimes I catch myself spending too much time on Live Chat – it’s addictive.
  • Not allowed to advertise/sell within WA. (This should be a warning for spammers who want to join WA just so they could try to sell something)
  • Starter membership is great for beginners but an upgrade to premium is highly suggested in order to access advanced training



The Wealthy Affiliate is for any and everyone! It caters to entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels from beginners to experts. So who is it for? Well basically its for anyone who wants to build an online business online for all ages. It makes it possible people of all ages to start their own businesses and get the training to do so.

The starter membership gives one more than enough information on how to get started. Anyone can start and have a online business ready as soon as possible. 


The training within the Wealthy Affiliate is very organized, understandable, and well paced. Some training and tools are listed below.

  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Live Chats
  • Organized Classrooms (No specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Tasked Based Courses

Now Most Programs do not offer that much and that is a lot of value. There is so much more that the Wealthy Affiliate offers with a community that supports you every step of the way. They teach thousands of people how to start a online business that can turn into a full time income.

The product also offers great and timely support! When I first joined one of the owners (Kyle) contacted me immediately after I joined. He even answered questions when I confused on certain aspects. There is also an community that you can interact with if you have any questions.

You also get access to a great number of tools within the Wealthy Affiliate such as

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • 2 Free Website Builders (Starter Membership) Up To 50 Free Websites (Premium Membership)
  • Access to 1000’s of Web themes and Templates
  • Low Competition Keyword Lists
  • Rapid Fire, Content Build Strategies

Once inside the Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have access to everything the first 7 days of your sign up.


Starter Membership $0
Premium Membership $49 Per Month/$359 Per Year

For the first 7 days you’ll get access to all of that as a Premium Membership member would. So this gives you time to get used the the website and learn where everything is. Also if you upgrade within the first 7 days you’ll get a major discount! Instead of paying $49 you only pay $19 the first month. (I personally took this discount deal.) The benefit of this that you get a chance to get familiar with the system and training’s.

The Premium Membership is good Why? Because once you upgrade get access to all the training’s, live chats, classrooms, and multiple benefits once becoming a premium member. That also includes any new training’s that are created. That’s why taking advantage of the discount offered within the first 7 days is so vital. 

There is also a yearly plan with the Premium Membership which is $359 Per Year.


My opinion on the  www.Wealthyaffiliate.com ? Join the starter membership. Its basically a free chance to get familiar with the system. Before 7 days end, you’ll have a website up and running while having multiple ideas on what to write content on.


  • Good for Newbies
  • Great Training
  • Interactive Community
  • Live Chats With Top Earners
  • Great Support


  • Information can be overwhelming since there is A LOT
  • Improvisation is required
  • Once you cancel your premium membership you are given a 30 day time limit to move your website to a different host or it will be deleted.

Overall, the www.Wealthyaffiliate.com is a good program for newbies, expert marketers, and entrepreneurs. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn internet marketing and online business. There is much value that they offer. Especially cause of how much they teach you throughout its courses. I was shocked about how much was offered in just the free membership!

But the downside is that they try to delete your website if you cancel your membership and the only way to keep it is to resubscribe and pay the $49 a month which is stupid and is one of the reasons I cancelled.

But either way its great if you want to build a website online and get some guidance.

They concept that they give you two free sites with great templates to start out with is amazing. So if you are new I would recommend you join the free membership just to acquire some knowledge and learn strategies with building a business online.


You can join the Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership Here.

If you are already somewhat experienced then I recommend joining premium. Why? Because the starter membership is mostly for beginners which is fine of course. You can also make a free starter membership and then take advantage of the discount offered within the 7 day time frame. So instead of paying $49 from the start, you can instead sign up for a free membership and join premium for only $19.

Also you get access to to live chat and multiple other aspects of the system. Including being able to create 50 websites that are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. You can join premium immediately by clicking the link below.

For the Premium Membership Click here

Overall this is a great product not only for newbies but for experts as well! I hope you like my honest review as I do think it is a great program.

If you have any comments, you can comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Chris What Would Reccomend?

I would recommend a system that has everything automated for you.

You can easily create a free website and create content but if you don’t build your list and just have random visitors you will never be able to grow your business. You need traffic but there is three types of traffic.

Traffic you don’t control – Organic Traffic, SEO, Social Media

Paid Traffic You control – PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc

Traffic you control – Email list, website subcribers, etc

With the system it shows you how to build your list and build your business. Ever heard the term the money is in the list? This system is life changing as it has helped me make money online.

If you want to grow your business exponentially.

Check out my review of this system – Online Sales Pro – My Review

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