CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Patric Chan Doesn’t Deliver

Hey guys and welcome back! I’m here today about to review another program called CB Passive Income.

So far what I’ve heard about the program is that it isn’t as good as it’s hyped up to be. I’ve seen good reviews and I’ve seen bad reviews. But overall, after looking at the product myself, and seeing that one of the top internet marketers and entrepreneurs to date Russell Brunson recommended his program and says he trust. I really can’t say it’s a bad product.

But I can’t say it’s really good either….

But anyways, Patric Chan claims he can show you how to make money online by using his system known as the CB Passive Income System.

But let’s just get into the review

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Introduction

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review

Ranking – 5 out of 10
Price – $47/month or $97/yr plus multiple upsells
Owner – Patric Chan
Website – www.cbpassiveincome.com

Patric Chan is a successful entrepreneur that has created many successful businesses online. Now there has been multiple CB Passive Income launches that has been reconstructed and relaunched times before.

Basically CB Passive Income 4.0 is an email marketing course with a twist to it.

Usually the core of most successful long term businesses out there. You would get a optin page offering a opportunity or something free. Then you get traffic to your optin page and build your email list.

Then you would build a relationship with your list and get them to trust you and through out that process you would offer an offer or affiliate product making you a commission.

But instead of that, Patric Chan is going to do all the email marketing for you. He will send the content and offer his products and whenever he gets a sale from traffic you bring in he gives you a commission.

So he’s taking out the email marketing part of the business.

It’s also worth noting that upon purchase you will receive 3 free bonuses as well such as

  1. Digital Cover Creator – This highly advance software will allow you to professional amazing 3D book e-covers without any designing skill or experience at all.
    Truth be told, designing these does take professional skills.
  2. Traffic From Google Home Course – Inside this massive home course video training, you will get in depth training on all of the powerful ways to get traffic from search engine optimizations. While you’re building your internet business with CB Passive Income, you can also be using SEO to get more traffic.
  3. The Email Assassin Home Course
    In this bonus, you’ll now get the chance to steal closely guarded “ninja” email marketing tactics, strategies and techniques that will transform you from an email marketing newbie to an email marketing expert “overnight”.

All in all this is how CB Passive Income 4.0 system works.

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Pros/Cons


  • Affordable
  • Overall Great Reputation
  • Teaches You How To Get Traffic
  • Automated System
  • 3 Special Bonuses


  • Doesn’t focus on building relationships. – What I mean by this is that Patric Chan wants you get people to your optin page, but if you don’t have a real relationship with the people signing up, it’s going to be hard to convert those people into sales. People Join People.
  • You don’t focus on building your own list.
  • You are building someone else’s business instead of your own.
  • Even if you get traffic, it doesn’t mean they will purchase.

The cons are the main reason I gave it a low score. While people are making money from his system, it doesn’t build you your own legit business.

You get to see the emails you collect but most likely most people won’t even realize the asset the have.


Patric Chan’s product is relatively cheap at $47/mth and $97/yr.

What Else Is Included?

What else is included in CB Passive Income 4.0? There’s also a CB Passive Income CB Passive Income license programLicense Program as well.

With the License Program you get the following

  1. Your Own Clone “Secret Web Page”
  2. Valuable Products To Give Away
  3. An Income Stream From The System
  4. A Lifetime Commission
  5. A Solid Internet Business
  6. Access To His Promotional Training CoursesCB PAssive Income system

The License Program doesn’t have a fee, you just purchase the product and that’s it.

Here is some Q and A’s to some of the following questions if you have any.

CB Passive Income Review – Who Is It For?

CB Passive Income is really for intermediate entrepreneurs that have had experience in my opinion. You’re not really doing anything except getting traffic. Traffic is hard.

He’s doing all the email marketing for you. Beginners can do this as well but if you don’t know how to get traffic then you need to figure out how to get traffic first.

CB Passive Income Review – Final Opinion/Verdict

I personally don’t think CB Passive Income 4.0 is a great product. I think it’s mediocre. You’re driving traffic but your not doing the business part of the system. YOU aren’t making sales he is.

He doesn’t teach you how to build a relationship with your list or anything. You just provide the traffic and he does everything else.

So overall I give it a 5 out of 10.

Chris, What Would You Recommend?

While dropshipping is good I recommend something that is more high ticket and pays monthly instead of one time. Don’t get me wrong while dropshipping can make you money, the problem is that you have to continue making sales constantly to keep your income. I rather have something recurring paying me every month.

In my main business I do Facebook Ads marketing for local businesses which pay me $1,500-$5,000 a month.

All I do is do their marketing for them, get them results and then they pay me for my service. All you have to do is learn Facebook Ads and become an SUPER EXPERT (Like me hahaha(: ) But once you learn FB Ads you can sell your services to local businesses who don’t know what their doing for high ticket prices.

And I got started without any credentials, without any trials, without any proposals. You can do this too. In fact, I’ll tell share with you the secret course I learned from…

Inside this course you will learn marketing and learn how to get high paying clients to pay you $1,500-$5000 a month. In fact, they’ll even teach you how to outsource FB Ads to someone else if you don’t know Ads yet. You can get started for just $1…

Within 2 weeks you can have your first client ready to empty their wallet for you.

This is my #1 business opportunity recommendation since you are getting paid high ticket prices which are monthly as well. Imagine having 6 clients and you outsourcing it to someone else if you can’t manage all of them… That’s easily over $10,000 a month. which is $120,000 a year.

It’s only $1 to get started.

Simply Click Here If You Want To Get Started.

As usual I hope you enjoyed my review and have a great day!




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